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Pioneer companies such as's AWS (Amazon Web Services) have leveraged the best practices, knowledge, and experience gained from being the world's largest online retailer over the past 20 years. Amazon has built a vast, reliable, and efficient infrastructure. They have mastered not just its own reliability and flexibility, but provisioning that to others as well on a utility type basis. It is hardened against attacks, handles spikes and surges in traffic and transaction load, and is more redundant and secure than any other option available to the general business community.

International Computing offers consulting to help you in understanding the advantages and cost savings of moving your applications and computing power to the Infrastructure and Platform as a Service environment. Not only are we consultants, we are customers as well. The applications we design and host for our Fortune 500 customers have been migrated and are served from the Amazon AWS platform.

We employ and train a vast array of IT resources experienced on the AWS platform and products. Our teams initially gained experienced on migrating our own applications and infrastructure to the cloud and know how to do this with little disruption. Our consultants are experts in many of the AWS products and are constantly monitoring new developments, techniques and product rollouts through our partnership with Amazon Web Services.

With over 10 years of experience in SaaS and a top notch staff of trained IT professionals we have the size, stability, and experience to get your applications working in the clouds successfully, on time, on budget and supported for the long run. You can entrust your mission critical business applications to us.
Leverage our AWS legacy
International Computing provides end-to-end support for your enterprise applications, engineered from the ground up and native to the industry-leading Amazon AWS cloud computing infrastructure. Using International Computing, your applications will leverage our standardized processes, deep experience, and achieved best practices. Reap the benefits of our vast library of mature, tested, and validated code and management tools developed and written specifically to optimize everything the AWS cloud has to offer.

Contact International Computing today to discuss your situation, challenges, and requirements using the quick form to the right. We will gladly take the time to listen, digest your information, and then provide you with a roadmap explaining how best to exploit the cloud's advantages for your organization's specific needs.

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