Critical SaaS Services Orchestration

Address business disruption and permanent move to remote, touch-less Services Value Chains in the aftermath.

Remote Services Orchestration and Governance

Multi-Tier Remote Team Flows with Service Now governance and service context.

Punchout Catalog Purchasing and Procurement

Coupa Punchout Catalog Site with Corporate Purchasing and Procurement flows for Suppliers and Customers.

Realize 100% Work from Home

SaaS-Integrated Business Flows value-engineered, fully managed and outcome based.

Transformation Toolbox®
Service Platform

The Service Platform that melds best-in-class SaaS apps, continually optimizing on time to value.

Advanced Application Development

Advanced ServiceNow Application Development and Native Integration Solutions.

Enterprise-Grade Complex Integrations

Enterprise-Grade yet Customizable and Transformational. Essential Integrations Built-In including native low-cost B2B facilities.

B2B EDI hubs for SaaS

Low TCO, modern Software based AS2 EDI pre-built and Integrated with SaaS

"AI First" approach to Business Automation Apps

Applications in Machine Learning for Business. Deep Learning Design, Train, Operationalize, Manage and Tune.

Connecting the World's Data
Secure Portals

Secure Portals that connect real-time data from SaaS, Cloud and on-prem sources, focusing on governance, security and high utility.

Integrated Tech Supply Chain

Bi-di software B2B and EDI integrated supply chain service. Built-In Arrow Electronics, Avnet, TechData, SYNNEX, Westcon, Ingram and more.

AWS Advanced Cloud Architecture

10-Year track record of leveraging cloud economics for resource-efficient business transformation.

Two Decades of Customer and Partner Success

All the benefits of an Integration Competency Center (ICC).
None of the costs.

Asset General - integration competency center